big ol’ nerd

big ol’ nerd

I feel like a piece of me died today

RIP Robin Williams

ninasmacks asked: Hey so i love your art and i think youre amazing and i noticed you have a septum piercing and i was wondering if you have any tips for someone whos thinking of getting one? Thank you!!!!

Oh gosh yes!!! I love talking about my septum piercing. And thanks a bunch!

Okay so first and foremost, find a reputable piercer that knows their stuff! A septum piercing is done on the “sweet spot” which is this thin tissue at the tip of your nose on the inside and it starts before your cartilage. 

Also, when you get it done don’t touch it, don’t rotate the ring, don’t do anything!! Just keep it clean twice a day, and to clean it I used a teaspoon, or half, of non-iodized sea salt and hot water in a cup and dipped my nose in it for …5 mins I think? I honestly can’t remember…There’s also a spray you can get (H2Ocean) but I prefer the hot water/salt method. 

You can typically change the ring you got pierced with at 3 months but I would wait until it’s fully healed (6 months - 1 year) just to be on the safe side (talk to your piercer about it).

other things you should know:

- don’t go swimming until it heals completely (higher risk of infection, same goes for all body piercings)

- use safe metals in your piercing (stainless steel, titanium, niobium, solid gold, platinum and I believe silver is also okay as long as you keep it tarnish free and only when it’s fully healed) 

- 16g, and 14g are good starting gauges  and anything under 16g may give the cheese cutter effect (

I’ve seen some places say that septum piercings take 2-3 weeks to heal and that’s absolute bullshit, just because a piercing no longer hurts, doesn’t mean that it’s healed.

some helpful links in case I missed stuff: - gauge chart - diameter of ring sizes - these are not life size (5/16 is the best size to be pierced with in my opinion) (for great/safe jewelry) (another great place for jewelry) 

Anonymous asked: Your art is absolutely incredible, you have some of the best usage of colour I have seen in a very long time. Keep up the amazing work!

ahh thank you lovely!! I will try my best! 

bihawkeye replied to your post: caichuai replied to your photo:what am…

what photoshop brushes do you use?

default but also almost all of kyle’s brushes (and a lot of random ones I got on deviantart years ago)

this is beautiful. do you use paint tool SAI?

thanks!! nah, i used manga studio this time (to test it out) but i usually use photoshop

what am i doing with my life

what am i doing with my life

miriamblaylock asked: have you ever made an art tutorial? and if not, would you consider it? your art is amazing!

I have not! I haven’t really considered it and honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin…But maybe if there are a lot of people interested in something specific they want to see from me, then sure, why not? 

osk9 asked: What program do you use for you digital drawings? I've been trying some digital stuff, but I can never get it quite as painterly as how yours looks.

Photoshop CS 6 

original character enya brennan??? no but seriously this is Gorgeous goddamn

HAHA FUCK everything i draw turns into enya oh my god

i’m always leaving the hair for last like a big dumb idiot

i’m always leaving the hair for last like a big dumb idiot

A Box of Dreams: Stars



russian witch house with traditional russian-style folk singing. i wanna cry, this is so good. 

oh my god this owns


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I ordered A Box of Dreams cd set while ago and I love the way the songs are categorized at the back in themes (Oceans, Clouds and Stars) so I wanted to paint a personified version of them. This is Clouds.

I ordered A Box of Dreams cd set while ago and I love the way the songs are categorized at the back in themes (Oceans, Clouds and Stars) so I wanted to paint a personified version of them.

This is Clouds.

(right leg, inside, above ankle)

Holy notes guys, I guess you all like it — here is my proper post as promised:

Ever since tumblebuggie started her adorable shenanigans, I have been fascinated with the idea of “fox” Mulder and who better to make something so delightful, than littledeerling. Amelia is a pleasure to work with and we went through many stages and discussions to create something darling and unique. Her enthusiasm and talent are unparalleled and I am so grateful to consider her a friend and fellow phile. Thank you Amelia. 

I take tattoo artists extremely seriously, ridiculously and anally so. It cannot be just anyone. After a shit-ton of researching I discovered Danny Bayron, who works with the infamous Halo at Black Lotus Tattoo. He too, is an absolute gem of a human being and was patient and wonderful with me + was thrilled to take on something as small and dainty as this. Most artists show off big pieces in their gallery and Danny is one of the few who also displayed some of his smaller scale works. He had to literally strap me to the table but I did it! Thank you Danny. You can find Danny on instagram: @dannyblthg.

Special side note: Danny is booked through until November, but he fit me in as a special case due to potentially being able to show this to Gillian in a few weeks.
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Look who got a lil scully and fox tattooed on her ankle!!!

But for reals, this was my favourite commission so far (for obvious reasons) and it turned out super cute in the end! And Gillian is gonna see it so that’s a bonus HOHOHOHO 

Also, Karen is a champ and got two tattoos in the same sitting, you go girl