Anonymous asked: hi there!! i love your tattoo thursday designs. i was wondering, for next tuesday or anytime, could you draw something involving planets?? it's okay if you don't have time or don't want to, i don't want to sound demanding at all, just a suggestion!! i love your art!

Planets was actually requested before so it’s in my tattoo tuesday idea list. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to doing them regularly but I’m glad you guys are still interested in them :- ) 

nata5 asked: So I'm 3/4 of the way through my first year at art school and I wanted to ask what are some of the most important things you've learned through your education? And also you might get asked this a lot but what's an effective way you found to learning to paint digitally? I really love your art btw and I'm only badgering you with questions because I look up to you!!

Don’t worry about it, I love getting questions! 

Um, well I don’t exactly follow my own advice all the time but just stay organized, don’t procrastinate too much (like I’m doing right now UGH), and draw a lot. ALSO try to experiment when you can, don’t be afraid to try something new because I find it helps out a lot for developing style or learning a new technique. 

I don’t find art school very hard it’s just a TON of work which is difficult to spread out sometimes… If you hand everything in on time you will be okay but also try to find time to draw for yourself because school can be stressful and it’s nice to unwind with personal art! 

As for digital painting I find working from dark to light helps a lot. I’ll fill the whole canvas with a dark colour to start (usually dark blue or a dark grey) and work my way to lighter tones and build up highlights on that initial dark layer. 

But honestly, you’ll find a style and technique that works best for you as you go along. I’ve tried countless styles and techniques throughout the years and it just naturally comes out. 

Thank you so much though, I appreciate it!! Good luck in art school, I know it’s tuff stuff

OH P.S  actually the most important thing I learned so far is making contracts THEY’RE SO IMPORTANT. ALWAYS MAKE A CONTRACT FOR ILLUSTRATION WORK!! ALWAYS. And read over/negotiate contracts or else you might sign all of your rights away to someone else. super super important.

Anonymous asked: what's your msr nsfw blog I can't for the life of me find it, I accidentally unfollowed

anon pls…
it’s on my about and faq page wink wonk 

(i won’t be updating for a while tho because of thesis…i know you guys keep sending me messages about it lmao) 

awesome! always fun to find out that artists i love are from tdot. I dont get to head dt often enough ugh.

aw shucks, thanks! i’m actually surprised a lot of my favs live in toronto too… i wanna draw with everyone…

#10- Trin and Neo
#11 - Tuija and Abernell
#12 - Galadriel 

wait wat you’re from torontoooooooo?

heck yea, i live here! i was just downtown for class

why didn’t anyone tell me keanu was in toronto today??? i’m disappointed in all of you

Anonymous asked: What kind of pen / marker(s) have you been using to ink for inktober?

I’m glad you asked! I was gonna post my materials at the beginning but I forgot to so here they are:


1. standard black india ink for when I use the nib pen and for washes
2. red and gold ink for accents (red is also for washes)
3. ratty old pencil to sketch stuff out
4. eraser
5. holder + nib (I have two different nibs I use but this one is my fav)
6. MY BABY - pentel pocket brush pen - I use this the most for lines 
7. and various sized brushes (sometimes I line with them, sometimes I used them to shade things in and bigger ones are for washes and filing stuff in)

GOD I’M SO BEHIND ON INKTOBER THO I will post a lot shortly 

also most of the time I’ll just add a digital ink wash in photoshop if I’m lazy 

I started this as a sketch for a 3 way art meme but then I ended up colouring it too… MY BAD

I started this as a sketch for a 3 way art meme but then I ended up colouring it too… MY BAD

I’m gonna be going home for thanksgiving for a week so I won’t be posting inktobers/art until I get back.

hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! SEE U IN A WEEK

Anonymous asked: I am so in love with every Scully drawing you do and Mulder Scully college au

thank you friend, i appreciate it ( ´ ▽ ` )

INKTOBER #09The Swing


The Swing

I literally got to do an au of scully and mulder for class I’m so happyso here’s a future earth/dystopian au

I literally got to do an au of scully and mulder for class I’m so happy

so here’s a future earth/dystopian au

INKTOBER #08I love Trinity so much you guys 


I love Trinity so much you guys 

INKTOBER #07I was in a vampire mood so here’s a quick marceline


I was in a vampire mood so here’s a quick marceline