Anonymous asked: link to commission info please

I still have 5 commissions left to do but once I’m done with those I’ll make a post on my tumblr (I’m working on a lil site with forms and stuff so it’s easier for everyone INVOLVED) 

thank you for the interest!!



Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

Anonymous asked: i love ur art!! its really beautiful n the way u paint them is just amazing. thank u so much 4 the 10 tips!! i hope u have a great day! ^U^

thank you so much!! I hope they help you and good luck arting 

I’ve been getting messages almost every day about my NSFW x-files blog (and most are on anon) so I just put a link in my about page on the sidebar

okay that is all 

Someone asked about putting my other punk scully in my S6 shop and I haven’t updated it in a while so here you go! S6 is doing Duvet covers now OH MY GOSH!!!!! gonna make an x-files cover 4 my bed, bless)

Someone asked about putting my other punk scully in my S6 shop and I haven’t updated it in a while so here you go!

(also S6 is doing Duvet covers now OH MY GOSH!!!!! gonna make an x-files cover 4 my bed, bless)

Anonymous asked: pst hi friend i love all your art really a lot and i was wondering if you had any art tips for someone trying to get better? thank u

Hi friend! Thanks a lot, I’m glad you like my art. And I do! This is gonna be super long… but here are 10 tips that have helped me and still help me and hopefully it will help you too!!

1. Draw as much as you can - better yet, draw one or multiple things a day! It doesn’t even have to be anything finished, even something like an eye or a hand is a good start, but try to aim to do maybe a page of doodles a day. You can even pick a theme and then go from there.

2. Get someone to critique your art – I think this is one of the most important things!! Sometimes we don’t really notice our own mistakes (maybe we’re looking at it for so long or you just don’t know how to approach a certain part of it), but other people will be able to see it. Get someone who is honest and will tell you what’s wrong with your drawing and what to improve on.

3. Set up a reference folder - Drawing from your head is really great and all, but you need to learn the basics of anatomy before you can learn how to distort and shape your style in your own way.

4. Don’t hide things – People tend to hide things they’re not good at like hands behind the back, feet covered with clothes or even covering one side of the face (something I’m guilty of doing for sure…) Every time you do that you deprive yourself of getting better at that specific thing because if you’re not drawing it you’ll never get better at it. Even if you draw it out and it looks bad, it’s better than not drawing it at all.

5. Draw things you’re not good at – if you know you need to improve on something, lips for example, then buy a sketchbook and literally fill it with lips. In fact, get multiple sketchbooks and fill it with things you’re not good at and then you’ll start to see yourself getting better, page by page.

6. Try different things – Experiment with styles, colour, mediums, whatever! The best part about drawing is that you can do so many things with it and I find that using other mediums really help improve my drawing skill. 

7. Make an inspiration tumblr/folder/wall – I find looking at art I really love really motivates me to get better and it helps me learn new techniques. It gives you something to aspire to, plus pretty art always looks great on your wall!

8. Draw from life - This sounds boring, I know, and it’s definitely something I don’t particularly enjoy but I find that it’s extremely helpful. Not only does it help you get better at drawing anatomy, people, object etc, etc, but it helps you learn how to observe. Learning to observe is crucial, but don’t just look at things, STUDY them. Watch people interact, shift your arms in different angles, move your light source around and make mental notes in your head. Become a camera and use your hands to record your images.

9. Look at Tutorials – No shame in learning new things! Sometimes I watch a video or walkthrough by one of my fav artists and I learn easier ways to do things that would have otherwise taken me an hour or two to do. You can learn some really cool tips and tricks that you would have never thought of yourself.

10. Don’t worry so much – Progress might be slow, maybe other artists improve faster than you and that’s okay!! Try not to get frustrated because there are artists that are “better than you”. Art is really subjective and people enjoy different styles so it really doesn’t matter how “good” or “bad” you are. If you enjoy what you draw then other people will too.  

some monster gal character commissions!!
basilisk, hippogriff, and pegasus 

Anonymous asked: hi again! did you use a specific paint and paintbrush for your mulder and scully heads or will any old paint and paintbrush do? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you! I'm thinking about getting into sculpting

No problem!! sculpting is super fun and I’m happy to help you out! 

I use acrylic (liquitex for the brand) for painting and any paintbrush really works but I personally prefer something with softer bristles like a watercolour brush (I think the ones I have have sable bristles??). I like the softer ones because you can’t see the brush strokes so much.

And then I use gloss as a sealer because I like em’ shiny :- ) 

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if this question has been asked already, but what materials did you use to make those Mulder and Scully heads on your Instagram?

Super sculpey! I use the original one that tends to be softer but it bakes really well and I’m still able to sand it down if I need to 

What’s the delay time with drawing? I’ve always struggled with digital drawing so I’ve been reluctant to spend any money on real equipment like that. Is it a big difference mechanically from physical pen and paper drawing?

I don’t notice any delay time when drawing honestly! When I was looking up some review videos before, it definitely looked like there was a huge delay but when you actually draw on it the lines appear as you draw them, super quick and smooth.

Of course this depends on the resolution but I tend to work anywhere from 200 to 600 dpi and it’s been fine. 

There’s still a difference between digital and traditional “pencil on paper” drawing (I think there always will be) but I feel like when you draw on a Cintiq it’s closer to that feeling than just using a regular tablet.

When using a Cintiq the lines are incredibly smooth, drawing is much, faster and there’s less of a disconnect because you’re drawing right on the surface. Though I got it mostly for digital painting, it’s incredibly useful for inking because you can can get the proper angles, it allows you to draw from your shoulder, and the lines have no jitter/shakiness to them. 

stillnotblinking asked: Hey! I saw that you got a Cintiq recently, and was wondering how long it took to get to you total? (Processing + shipping time) I recently ordered a Companion so I'm curious as to what I should expect. Thanks!!

I didn’t order off the Wacom site (apparently they don’t ship outside of the US which is a bummer) so I ordered my cintiq off amazon and it came the next day (from California to Toronto)!!

I’m not sure how long it will take you because I don’t know where you ordered it from…but from what I’ve seen/read it should take about week for amazon, and most likely the same amount of time through the Wacom site. 

punk scully is my gf 

punk scully is my gf 

caichuai asked: why you're so talented? I admire you and your art. Have a nice day! :)

because i stay at home and i don’t have a life…/whispers

but thank you! (also i’m 100% serious…don’t go out ever) 

dykescully asked: whenever i feel crummy i look at your art and it inspires me to make art of my own and it always makes me smile a lot. i love your x files stuff a lot? it almost feels more true to canon than some parts of the show, idk. your art is just so good.

wow, WOW i am getting emotional!! 

if my art makes you wanna art then that’s the biggest compliment!! i hope you do art, I HOPE YOU ART YOUR ASS OFF. 

thank you so much tho ;; i love all of u…u guys are like my x-files family